Professional Grade Lighting


“We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and your professionalism when conducting business. Your installation staff has exceeded Lynnhaven Mall management’s expectation on the lighting of our parking lot area. Based on our experience, any company that requires electrical/lighting supplies should be very pleased to do business with your company.”

Lynnhaven Mall, Sr. General Manager

“We were changing lights every day until I tried your incandescent bulbs. Now we very rarely get a call for a light out. And the warranty is every bit as good as you said. We date our bulbs and if one does not make the warranty date your company replaces the bulb no questions asked.”

Keswick Hall, Maintenance Manager

“We always bought bulbs that were on sale, from industrial supply houses. Does this sound familiar; you build an addition and the bulbs that come with the brand new fixtures last about a month? Or what’s worse you have one burn out a week for a year. We got rid of thsoe problems, and spend less than three hours a month on these type problems by buying quality bulbs. The electrical supervisor thought Iwas crazy five years ago when I specified Independent Lighting as our only bulb suppliere, even on new construction. Now he’s as convinced as I am that quality is the only way to go.”

STIHL®, Facilities Manager

“Since we replaced the outside light bulbs exactly a year ago we have not had a single bulb burn out yet! We were changing bulbs every month before, so the savings on labor and bulbs has been tremendous. I highly recommend the energy efficient longer life bulbs as the extra expense is well worth it in the long run.”

M&M Hospitality Group (River Stone Chophouse), Vice President

“The electricians were expedient, professional, and knowledgeable. For example, they explained that one of our courts was not producing optimal lighting because a previous provider installed a less than optimal bulb. After replacing the bulbs with the correct bulbs the light intensity was greatly improved. We are very satisfied with service provided to Chesapeake Square interior as well as the exterior pole light replacement.”

Chesapeake Square & Chesapeake Center, General Manager

“We have yet to find a bulb with the long life, quality, and harmonics provided by Independent Lighting Corp. These Lamps have saved many man hours in maintenance cost because of their extended hours.”

U.S.House of Representatives, George Hammett, Supervisor

“We get what we need when we need it…As you know, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s business is to keep our eye on the financial bottom line for the country to ensure a healthy economy. Independent Lighting Corporation helps us do our job in a cost-effective way.”

Federal Reserve System, James D. Fuller, Office Manager

“I would like to express our complete satisfaction with the “natural light” Fluorescent tubes we ferrari purchased last winter. We were able to reduce our total number of tubes by 50%, and provide a better quality of light to enhance out showroom displaying vehicles. Since the new tubes were installed, we have not experienced a single light failure.”

Ferrari of Washington, James Coffey

“There is no question that we have made tremendous strides in both appearance and productivity due to improved lighting. The new lighting has created a much-improved environment for our personnel. In addition, we are able to see consistent savings in our energy bills as promised.”

Hoffman Beverage Company, Kirk Baldwin, VP/Operations

“Go and buy cheap lights and you save money is a myth that no longer holds water…we have learned the value in buying a commercial grade product that is going to last and validate the cliché about saving money. We have reduced out lighting and labor costs by partnering with them.”

Landmark Aviation, Bill Steele, Facility Manager