What Can We Do For You?


Independent Lighting Corporation allows end-users to upgrade and retrofit their current lighting system without incurring the expense up-front. Businesses and organizations of all types have benefited from lighting solutions and systems that essentially pay for themselves with the savings from reduced energy use. As part of your lighting team, ILC will:

Provide an Analysis and Review Usageliving1

Analyze your lighting requirements and review your current energy usage.

three115Develop a Lighting System That Saves Energy

Develop a new lighting system that is designed to improve quality of light, while saving energy, hassle, and expense!

Calculate Savings and Formulate a Pay Schedulecalendar159

Calculate the savings & return on investment as a result of the upgrade. Formulate an incremental pay schedule for the payment of your new system.

light59Demonstrate The Recommended Lighting

Demonstrate the recommended lighting products for your situation so that you literally see the difference improved lighting can make.



Lighting Rewards

Start conserving energy and saving money today!